Memphis Smelled of Nothing

Memphis smelled of nothing.
She owned a certain gloom that was contagious.
You did not need a nose in her company.
A constant quarrel between the old and the new.
A remarkable power play for seniority,
This, between the good ol’ days and a much too simple future
In her gurgling bowels,
the children of men roamed and pranced,
waiting to exhale,
waiting for nightfall,
waiting for something just as powerful.
Until such a time when the city of neon lights and creaking houses shivered to the feverish jive of some omniscient southern hospitality – as if on cue.
Life began at sun down.
And here, I lived a full life.
A night of many regrets.
And so, after a one-night stand with this special place,
A bag was packed in haste.
A Fedora grabbed off its hook just because.
A departure planned.
A debt repaid.
Perhaps someday I’d walk these lands again with a more forgiving spirit and in better shoes.
Her forceful plea for love would go unnoticed, and then,
Would not itch further.
Until a time when,
in truth,
I will look at you with olden eyes,
More understanding,
More grateful.
Good bye Memphis,
for between us we have forged a lovechild,
A forbidden bundle made sweeter by distance.
Yours Gloomily.

PS: Hello, New Orleans. I’ve heard so much about you.
I have, on my back, a bag of questions.