A Lover of Broken Women

And now at the climax of a life, All is calm that will be. This radio clock is reliable, Alive with crickets, With this bed that grumbles. With a naked woman, On my bathroom floor, A St. Louis export, Snoring and scratching. I found her broken, A diamond in the rough type-of-woman. Mascara trickles type-of-woman, She invents … Continue reading A Lover of Broken Women

That night in May, He did a godlike thing.

That night in May. I did a godlike thing. A tendency to lose my mind, Like spilled buttons in a subway fight. This loss was sure to displease. Ever see two homeless men fight over a winter coat? It is such a beautiful thing. An orgiastic fight for life. Sadly, some of you will never … Continue reading That night in May, He did a godlike thing.