Gods by the Brush Strokes

Gods by the brush strokes,
Gods on the factory wall,
Gods on a t-shirt,
Colorful august fixations,
Mohammad, Jesus,
Yahweh, Chi, Sól
Buddha, Krishna,
Shiva, Tao, Vino,
Moolah, Jah, Shango
Satan, Pudenda, Helios,
One thing is promised,
We must bow before one or more or half a god.
Unlike the writing of this dawn nonsense,
The best of these men make good memoirs,
Decent poets too,
Very lively posters,
Good reasons to kill,
Spill blood, break skulls,
Torment womanhood,
Assassinate sinners,
Alienate the sick and needy,
Shame the devil,
Start holy wars,
Burn holy incense,
Sprinkle holy water,
Live well,
Die badly.
Good reasons to do unto others
As we will not ourselves be done,
Welcome to the jungle,
We are gods here too,
And here, god is good,
All the time.