Celia Guggenheim. I turned a corner, Finally, some import for wander, Red Sunshine Girl leaning over the balcony Smiling, the mutiny she started, Breeze lifting skirt, Doing us terrible favors. Bush swing set. Single hibiscus, Curling, blood red hair. Yellow dress, gusted and stopped, Thighs make an appearance, Ankles, white and pained. Dangling feet behead … Continue reading RSG

The Smell of your Pain

How you still read these things willingly, Is baffling. Yesterday, I booed, And clapped, And told a room full of them: This moving darkness called poetry Is never your romance and your cupcakes, There will be no heaven after the open road. It is the smell of your private pain, The color of your nightly … Continue reading The Smell of your Pain

Delilah in the Boulevards

Sunshine, Delilah in the boulevards, Night latched onto day and dragged on. Shadows walk past the windows now, little dogs follow little girls, taking little shits. A fabled twist, this is that taboo they speak of, She will consume you whole, Wrap you among moist thighs, That passion will ignite the sheets and start a … Continue reading Delilah in the Boulevards