One Fine Galloway

I cannot, With the fingers of god, Endure the rich here gathered. The sweaty priest. The abiding misery of high-society weddings, I have graced the funeral of debtors with better spirit. I abandon the fragranced herd, And the mariachi in fake moustachios, And the honeyed vino, And the tight bulimic wives, And the bloodripe daughters, Prettier than my … Continue reading One Fine Galloway

Woodwork & Wallpapers

The mastery, or third-eye, in this business of fiction writing evades me, both as a science and an art, and literally as one never published. I am in the factory line, distinguishing that there are a million writers now emerging from the woodwork and wallpapers. Some as mold, many as wallflowers. Perhaps, make that a … Continue reading Woodwork & Wallpapers

American Twang

And for this, At the end of another donkey day, My next fight with a blond mistress, Will transpire in the wee small hours of Tuesday, Her ignorance impenetrable, Of the things I have stuck up my business end And this will be profound satisfying.