Ask Why

Ask why,
Interrogate all,
Ask of them,
And of self,
Keep this up,
Until all your gathered substance,
All the letters to your name,
Become the ceaseless futile desire
To not expire in uplifting
Or worse still,
Lost in the mastery of a single talent,
Or the honey of a single lover,
Perish as only I may,
Minus fanfare or grace,
Making room for more,
Gifting you who fabricate life well
– In your pointless intricacies,
And agonizing civilities,
And your clean white t-shirts,
And faultless dentition –
With that fantastic absence
That only I can so convey,
After trekking about this hardscrabble life
With a chipped front tooth,
And a private campaign,
As only I can so manage,
A testament of a string of powerful instants,
As I am now to ask you to pull up a stool,
To open your wrists,
As I fill you in,
With this tale of textbook oddity,
With pepper and salt,
With nothing but our pity
For what will soon become of you,
And with very many new asks of my own,
And the constant colossal hope,
That you become nothing like me,
But an asker of whys.
Go on.
Ask why.

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