The Girl Who Smokes by the Bay Window

The girl who smokes by the bay window. Excellent kneecaps disturb dead clouds, Black birds fly clean through her head. "How'd I do now?" I demand. She smiles. Little button teeth through puerile smoke, She's going to give all this Brooklyn some cancer, "You're a'ight Mr. Nigerian Man, just a'ight." "I told you I found … Continue reading The Girl Who Smokes by the Bay Window

Nice White Polo

I abide a guitar solo, By Gary Clark Jr. who is a demon, A demon, If I ever saw one, With a wide-brim hat and banjo, that boy. And his unhinged, epileptic crowd of whores and hippies in my ears. This becomes my strong reason to resist devils. In the crowd, One watches me watch … Continue reading Nice White Polo