Women & Other Vitamins

Seen it all,
Ink blotches my elbow and chin,
Wigs and weaves block out the sun,
Perfumes delay in the verandah,
Hair or fur choke the drain.
The women are commas,
Apostrophes, question marks,
Ellipses, exclamations,
Brackets, bullets,
Vowels, consonants,
Virgins, black widows,
Bandages, electric eels,
Spices, months of the year.
They come as Deja vu’s,
As Dunning–Kruger women,
As the Fibonacci sequence,
Hygienic women, vampires,
As the five deadly sins,
As grasshoppers, dragons,
Plastic cacti, paper magnolias
Queens, slaves.
Women as vitamins, antidepressants,
Epidemics, miracles
Jehovah’s witnesses, psychoanalysts,
Rat poison, mudslides,
Women as cliffhangers,
Women as New York times best sellers,
Women with my mother’s lips,
Women with gold-dust cheeks.
There is no grand exit,
No scheme, no strategy,
But they try to cover my flaccid,
My buttocks,
My scabies,
My cerebellum scattered in the front lawn,
To perfect the sphericity of my pancake,
To perfect my poetry,
To show me some Jesus,
I tire from nursing and repair,
And because misery loves applause,
Their only desire is to mend,
They want to mend that which was broken in Genesis,
And by God, do they love a challenge.

Image attribution: By Maxxicle (Flickr: 003) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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