You Know Nothing

Shoulder to a wooden post, I watch my soul brothers in the cold, Dying from a passed-around joke, Rum in veins, dock men at work, Struggle well with oak barrels of dry food at the honking Bouchet Marina, While lesser men offer libation now at neon bars, Tiny straws, too much ice, A little umbrella. … Continue reading You Know Nothing

New World Order

I turn to TV, From the prospering tragedies in the papers, The place is filled with hot deals and cold obituaries. But on air, There’s the new world order cooking under our noses, It is such a beautiful thing, The accuracy of it brings tears. The hydra-headed America studies hard to bow before a Machiavellian … Continue reading New World Order

Gods by the Brush Strokes

Gods by the brush strokes, Gods on the factory wall, Gods on a t-shirt, Colorful august fixations, Mohammad, Jesus, Yahweh, Chi, Sól Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Tao, Vino, Moolah, Jah, Shango Satan, Pudenda, Helios, Lucifer. One thing is promised, We must bow before one or more or half a god. Unlike the writing of this dawn nonsense, … Continue reading Gods by the Brush Strokes