Fucking & Punching

FADE IN: INT. HONKY TONK MOTEL, BOILER ROOM - MIDNIGHT There is a fire that licks the bucket’s rim, There is a clunk in the copper pipes, There is a Frida forgotten in a river nameless, There is a con-man in my round yellow window, Swollen in my favorite chair, By the candle, he swells, … Continue reading Fucking & Punching

Little Typewriter Summaries

I remember those poets And their fervent love for typewriter summaries, Little cut-outs typefaces and such, Signed with lush aliases and tiny black hearts. One last rush for some academic honesty, Little typos too for golden realness, Some marvelous subterfuge. One must admire this fancy with some overt scorn and salt. You cannot write, Of … Continue reading Little Typewriter Summaries

Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child is playing on the radio, This Benjamin Sainte-Clementine lad cries out in broken notes, A Jimmy Hendrix cover done some final justice, Quick violent tunes, By a soulful dark man from Edmonton. Strange verses from a wicked street in his memory. Stick fingers plunking out deep dark secrets from piano keys, Bare black … Continue reading Voodoo Child